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Let’s keep wearable technology aside. We’ll discuss that later but imagine a Sci-fi office scene from a movie right now; now imagine yourself as a part of that movie; you enter the office premises all with the touch of your phone, checking inside the office, getting alerts because you entered the required destination to perform a particular task. This could be a regular scene for everyone or some of it.

We see a steady rise in mobile applications today, what we also see is that these little magical applications are now making day-to-day Human Resource activities quite easy.

This article sees through the rise in technology, ideas, and the ease of day-to-day operations. It also looks into what might be the future of an office, or maybe no office at all (Virtual is the word).

I searched for mobile applications that made a difference in everyday working operations. There were many applications, but one needs to understand the difference between what will help them and what will take up space. Also, the best part about regularly scanning through applications is that one can spot trends, which is very important considering how fast things take a turn nowadays. I saw ERPs seamlessly move towards mobile phones and merge into people’s lives.

Let’s see what’s already there in the market!


It lets you subscribe to their services as an organization itself. As soon as you do that, it creates your employee database, and you can navigate through the directory. PaaS lets you save data on the Cloud. (PaaS (platform as a service) – For those who don’t know what PaaS is, it’s a new-age method of renting cloud space, software, OS, and hardware over the internet). Workday also boasts of providing business metrics and lets you view your pay slips; how slick, right? You can also give real-time feedback and save personal notes.

Kenexa 2x

This is an app that takes care of all the hiring issues. Are you away? Not a problem. It takes care of selection and rejection or leaving a message on the go. It manages your workflows and lets you analyze potential employees by viewing their profiles and information.


Now we have solved the hiring and employee database and all those things; the dashboard here is a SaaS (Software as a service); this goes a step further and helps manage business operations, client information, and relevant content. It also looks after the payroll manages your budgets, and whether you are eligible for a loan.

Lastly, we’ll be covering the following;


Crack a deal on the go, schedule tasks, and see them happening in the blink of an eye, and stay in touch with clients and employees with the help of “chatter,” their social media network, at the same time. You can call these multiple applications within an application and an “app-caption” of sorts.

As I mentioned before, with the seamless transition from desktop-based ERPs into something tech-savvy, you’ll have more time. It’s more of a virtual office at the touch of a finger. One can only imagine what might come next.

What we can imagine now is that these applications taking a giant leap forward and start analyzing employee performances, not that it isn’t happening already but in a more detailed form, we can obviously not expect the world from mobile applications all of a sudden but one can always predict what might happen in the coming future, knowing pretty well how fast these transitions are taking place.

A major issue is when automation happened; organizations faced a lot of flak in the Changement; similarly, when mobile-based changes have to be made, there may be issues. People take time to adjust to new technology. Still, as we see many people today being very comfortable handling and dealing with applications daily, there shouldn’t be an issue understanding what goes beyond these tiny square boxes.

Imagine setting location-based tasks and schedules. As soon as you enter the required destination, there is a notification on your new gear, or you set conversation-based memos in the phone as and when the concerned person calls, the memos pop up. Now with all this data being on the cloud or handled by third-party applications, one has to take care of the security part. With new information and big data rising, one must be constantly updated. Syncing news within the application will be pure genius. We need to think ahead, beyond all of the above. Our imagination is limitless so is the potential of new-age technology. Let’s put on the wings and explore general ideas.

This article was written by: Tanya Varma
Blog: Reflection Degree
Twitter: @tanyadgr8


  1. Big organization spending several million dollars on SAP or something in that category seems foolish practice now.

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