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Your brain is a muscle which needs regular exercise to stay fit. But how often do you do that? Seldom? Try these gamified applications which claims to increase your cognitive abilities.

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Elevate – A fine-tuned app with colorful interface and addictive games. It trains your brain to improve focus, math skills, speaking, processing and more. Winner of “App of the Year 2014” on the AppStore

Peak iPhone Game

Peak – It has been “App Store Best of 2014”, “Best app of September” and “Editor’s Choice”. Offers 21 beautifully visualized and intuitive games.

Clockwork Brain – It features mini-games to simulate cognitive abilities. All the illustrations in the game has been hand-painted.

CogniFit Brain Fitness – It helps you train your brain based on concentration, mental arithmetic, mental planning, memory, spatial perception, sports coordination and more.

Eidetic – Learn & remember anything – It helps you memorize things like a quote or phone number in a day. It will hound you several times until you memorize or if you get it wrong.


Happify – This app makes you feel good. It makes you have fun, relax, socialize and provoke thoughts.

Fit Brains Trainer – An engaging award-winning game which gives you mental twists and boosts. It keep tracks of your performance and let’s you compete against rest of the world.

ReliefLink – This is an innovative application which prevent suicide attempts and improving mental health.

Lumosity – It is the most popular game in this category and does the job pretty well. It’s addictive, you will be challenging yourself to improve scores each day.

Memory Trainer – An easy to play game with 3 levels. As you advanced you will make fewer mistakes.

New York Times Crossword – Same crossword puzzles printed in The New York Times daily can be enjoyed on-screen using this app. Quite engaging to make you brain think.

Personal Zen – Built by team of neuroscientists which claims to reduce stress just by playing this game.

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