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gustav klimt the virgin 1913 painting

Gustav Klimt – The Virgin, 1913

There are millions of untold stories to unravel, hidden treasures to find and masterpieces to discover. Anything can spark the eureka moment in you.

Ranging from visual art, contemporary designs, street art, paintings, installations, photography, antiques, art museums, sculptures, art galleries, art history masterpieces, architecture & artists to any discipline you are looking for – I have you covered. This is the most comprehensive list of art websites on the internet, hand-picked by a passionate lover of art.

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1. This is Colossal – Award-winning and one of the most celebrated art blogs on the planet. It features art from various design disciplines and is also being referred by art students and institutions for inspiration.

2. Wiki Art – A complete and well-structured online repository of fine arts.


3. Art Parasites – Berlin-Artparasites is a daily online magazine that covers all kinds of art in Berlin – from art openings to city’s hidden gems. Their art conversations must not be missed.

4. American Art Collector – Monthly magazine specifically for collectors, galleries and painters of traditional fine art. Their publications are available to view on-line for free.

5. Saatchi Art – One of the world’s largest online art gallery, connecting art and art lovers.

6. Street Art Utopia – A goldmine for street art lovers. It features artworks from artists around the world.

7. Art21 – “Art in the 21st Century” was an award-winning TV show in 2001. Currently they are spreading across digital media to showcase some of the greatest contemporary artworks and artists.

8. My Modern Met – A website like a big city where art enthusiasts and trend-spotters connect over creative ideas.

9. Art Daily – An internet-based newspaper founded in 1996 by Ignacio Villarreal, with content updated everyday.

10. The Art Directors Club – In 1920, Louis Pedlar founded ADC to make sure that advertising was judged by the same stringent standards as fine art. It showcases and promotes art directors’ work through exhibitions and awards.

11. Art Forum – International monthly magazine based on contemporary art.

“I am a great lover of art, in many forms: paintings, objects, textiles. I don’t have the talent for painting, but I have a very good sense of colour, a love of visual beauty.”
— Jacqueline Bisset

12. Artlog – Social platform for artists, art institutions and art-lovers.

13. artnet – It’s a New York and Berlin based corporation which provides online services for international art market. Their website features many art pieces and artists.

14. Art News & Views – An India based monthly magazine, conceptualized as ready-reckoner for artists, connoisseurs, gallery owners, auction houses, art collectors, investors and art enthusiasts.

15. The Art Newspaper – London-based newspaper established in 1983. It showcases various forms of visual arts.

16. Art Station – A visual arts network for the media & entertainment enthusiasts.

17. Art Space – Helps in discovering and collecting fine art from notable artists, galleries and cultural institutions around the world.

18. Art Span – A community connecting artists with collectors. It showcases contemporary art from various disciplines.

google art project website

19. Art Project, powered by Google. – This is a must visit website for all art-lovers. It’s an online platform by Google which let’s you access high-resolution images of artworks from various museums around the world.

20. Artcyclopedia – Founded by John Malyon. It’s an online database of museum-quality fine art images. wiki website

21. Wiki – A large collection of art history pieces and information. You will find lots of art goodness here.

22. Artist A Day – It showcases one new artist everyday. Artist A Day aims to raise awareness for fine arts globally by making connection between artists and art lovers.

23. The Arts Map – It’s an international online directory to find and locate; artists and their studios. It also includes galleries, schools, museums and related associations.

24. Arts, Artists, Artwork – It’s one of the largest communities of artists around the world. Managed by an artist – Marija Topalovic.

25. Aesthetica Magazine – UK-based art and culture magazine which covers photography, visual arts, music, movies and theater.

26. Artsy – Artsy is a major resource for art collection and education. They have launched their mobile applications to make art accessible to wider audience.

banksy art

27. Banksy – Banksy is a pseudonymous English graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter whose identity is still unknown. On this website you will find various beautiful art pieces painted by him.

28. Black Bird Arts – Blackbird Arts is an independent arts education studio offering classes and workshops in various art disciplines such as visual arts, theater, film, ceramics and more.

29. Blouin Artinfo – It’s a premier source of up-to-the-minute news, information and expert commentary on arts, artists and art-business.

30. Communication Arts – One of the premier source of inspiration for graphic designers, art directors, design firms, corporate design departments, advertising agencies, interactive designers, illustrators and photographers.

31. Contemporary Art Daily – Daily journal of art exhibitions around the world.

32. Creative Time – Based in New York. It showcases artworks that create inspiring personal experiences and foster social progress.

33. Curiator – You can be an art curator using Curiator. It’s a digital, collaborative art collection where you can store your favorite art and discover new art through the community.

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”
— Vincent Van Gogh

34. Design Observer – An online publication of design and culture.

35. Design Taxi – An international multidisciplinary design website about news, competitions, websites, portfolios and events across the global design industry.

36. Art Babble – Also known as “YouTube of the arts” is a cloud based video hosting website.

37. Art Basel – It stages art-galleries for modern and contemporary art in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong.

38. Deviant Art – A platform for any artist to exhibit and discuss works. You can find many arts and artists here.

39. Etsy – An online store of artistic handmade and vintage items. Items include paintings, jewelry, accessories and more.

40. Freaking News – Freakishly creative website featuring photoshopped news stories.

41. Graffiti Art – A quarterly French magazine showcasing street art.

42. Graffuturism – Filled with lots of street art and graffiti from around the world.

43. Inter Art Center – A platform for experimental art and artistic research.

“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.”
— Pablo Picasso

44. Musetouch Visual Arts Magazine – MUSETOUCH is a free magazine about visual arts. It was created by Maia Sylba out of love and passion for art. It has lots of great visual arts content.

45. Art of The Title – AOTT is an online publication about film, television, conference and video games. It includes both contemporary and historical publications.

46. Net-Art – It provides links to original content to net-art projects and related websites made since the rise of Internet into the mainstream art world.

47. The one million masterpiece – OMM is the largest artistic collaboration ever attempted. They are asking artists and non-artists alike to complete one small square of a giant digital canvas.


48. Patron of the Arts – Creativity & inspiration from history’s leading artists.

49. Pixiv – A Japanese online community for artists.

50. The People Project – It’s mission is to make a community where every person is gifted and talented; who can work for the betterment of the world.

51. Scene 360 Magazine – It showcases splendid art, photography, tattoo, design and movies.

52. Street Art Berlin – If you love street art, you will love this one.

53. Ugallery – UGallery is an online-only art gallery which offers curated, original art for sale from emerging artists.

54. Urban Street Art CM – Project created to promote and support Street Art.

artnews magazines

55. ARTnews Magazine – Founded in 1902, ARTnews is the oldest art magazine in the world. Their website has many art pieces and artists showcased.

56. Wondereur – From Paris to NYC, high-profile curators & art institutions unveil their hidden treasures of the art world here.

57. Artnaz – “Answers To Unasked Questions” contains in-depth articles about various creative disciplines. Filled with high-resolution artwork images to keep you hooked.

58. Geninne’s Art – A blog showcasing artwork by Geninne, a curious artist. Her artworks features colorful birds, feathers and petals illustrations.

59. Daily Art Fixx – Started by Wendy Campbell in 2009. It coves most visual art genres, and themes such as Women in the Arts, Art-e-Facts, E-Learning, videos, and more.

60. Christie’s – World’s largest auction house has lots of informational content on their website. I go back and forth to read details of various artworks which were sold through them.

61. Sotheby’s – There is a lot of art to be discovered at the website of pioneer in art auction. Their departments include contemporary, impressionist & modern art, jewellery, old master paintings, watches and wine.

Apart from the websites, most of them consistently share awe-inspiring artworks on social network. Musetouch on Facebook, Paper Fashion on Instagram, berlin-artparasites on Facebook are few noteworthy ones.

I constantly come across new resources which will be updated here. Thanks to Tanya Varma for some of the amazing recommendations above. Stay tuned and don’t forget to share the wealth of knowledge, you just discovered.

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