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There are countless benefits of learning new languages. – knowing different cultures, communicating in foreign country at ease, understand marvellous music, movies and art from other nation’s artists, global business handling and last but not the least – it’s fun.

Here are hand-picked websites and mobile applications to get you started:

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1. Ba Ba Dum – Friendly website where you can learn 1500 words, in 13 languages on 5 different games. It’s quite addictive and colourful.

2. Babbel – Community driven platform to learn 14 different languages. They also have mobile and tablet apps.

3. Memrise – Offers thousands of courses created by the community members. Courses are available in science or history too, in different languages. Their mobile app is amusing and a great way to learn with real-time exercises.

4. Busuu – A social network for learning new languages. If you stuck somewhere, the community of 40 million users will help you at any time. It has iPhone and android apps too.

5. Duolingo – The most popular and completely free website to learn dozens of languages. Also available as smart phones apps.

“Learning a foreign language not only reveals how other societies think and feel, what they have experienced and value, and how they express themselves, it also provides a cultural mirror in which we can more clearly see our own society.”
― Chancellor Edward Lee Gorsuch

6. Bliu Bliu – An exciting way to learn large number of foreign languages. It offers beautiful illustrations to keep you engaged.

7. Livemocha – A community of learners where people correct each other’s assignments and provides useful teachings through text and flashcards. Free on-line courses available in 35 languages.

BBC Languages

8. BBC Languages – A massive resource to learn more than 36 languages through video and audio courses made by BBC.

9. Verbling – Online classes and private tutoring to learn new languages.

10. Lingocracy – An easy way to build vocabulary while having fun.

11. – Founded by Jan Ihmels (Cambridge) and Orly Furhman (Standord). A start-up that takes foreign language learning to a new level. Available as website and app for chrome, iOS and android.


Apart from learning you should take some time to see the movie ― “Eat, Pray, Love” or if you’re a reader then consider reading it’s book, written by Elizabeth Gilbert.

The story about Liz Gilbert. After her difficult divorce, she travels to Italy (Eat and enjoy life), India (Pray – find her spirituality) and Indonesia (Find balance and end up falling in love). Notice her experiences of getting acquainted and inheriting new cultures and languages.

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