How Ethics Influence Your Decisions?

Business Ethics

Sometimes ethics are moral values, and sometimes a philosophy, but what is ethics? From where does it start? Does it exist? Is it a feeling or a lesson that has to be learned? Where do we find it? A lot of questions arise the moment you hear this word. Do you have answers to all of these questions?

When you see an incident, your first instinct says, “This is wrong” or “Yes, this was the right thing” That is ethical because your heart never lies. You always know from your heart what is right and what is wrong. Now a day’s, ethics depends from person to person. If you ask Mr. George Bush – ‘All that violence that you did in Afghanistan, was it right?’; he may say ‘Yes’. If you ask Muntadhar al-Zaidi, he may respond by throwing a shoe in the face. Ethics depend on the situation.

You are ethical, but sometimes you don’t want to get stuck in situations. “You are with your family and saw a man covered with blood on the road at night, ethics say you should take that person to the hospital and call the police, but will you do so? Maybe not because you don’t want to get stuck in a situation where you or your family suffer.

Society or Individual

Now the question arises of how much it is important in society. Its simple ethics is the base of our society. Each of us together makes a society similar; everyone’s ethics combines and makes a social ethic. Is it possible to follow the ethics that are made today in the 21st generation? No, it’s not possible. You work hard in the office, but once you don’t work up to the mark, you will seek co-workers’ ideas. Today’s generation is confused with ethics because what their parents teach them is a little hard to follow today. The world has taken a different path to follow- crime and terrorism. You don’t have anyone’s back now. We live in a situation where corruption is comfort, so ethics are used to blame anthers.

Ethics builds up with your upbringing. How anthers have narrated the world to you, your ethics turn out to be that. A child is not born. It’s made, and so do ethics. Ethics also shows the personality of an individual.

Ethics is also a mirror that tells about the truth of your visions.

You make your decision depending on your ethics. For some people, ethics is a big word with no meaning. Some people ruin their life just by following their ethics. Ethics is everywhere, in everything, and people know what it but not much is to follow it. Ethics is a dying breed like humanity, but we can only hope that it will return to where it started. For now, ethics is just a philosophy from old people trying to teach us that doing something wrong or in the wrong way will always lead to the wrong place.

Written by Avinash Jha

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