Simple Little Things To Make Someone Happy

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“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

It does not take much to make someone smile; you might make their day. Simple little acts of kindness, like giving a sweet compliment, taking the time to handwrite a note, or sharing a nice finding, can make a big difference in someone’s day.

1. Hello

A simple “Hello” can be the first step to unimaginably beautiful experiences in your life. You never know how beautiful thoughts and experiences the other person is embracing.

2. Smile

I know sometimes it is hard to smile because of all the crises in your life. However, it can make you happy even when you are not. It will make others happy; maybe they will make you smile somehow. Try it!

3. Thank you

Probably the most beautiful word in English. You may usually say it for the big things – helping with a project, gifts, or getting a discount. It could mean so much to the other person. It should be used more often for simpler things too – for thoughtfulness or making you feel good.

TED talk Remember to Say Thank You by Laura Trics explains how it’s important and why you should say it often.

4. Share your findings

I’m sure you come across great findings when you wander over different websites, travel places, or read books. Share them with people.

5. Hiding secret notes/things

This one is quite fun. Hide a sweet thank you letter in a friend’s bag or car. There is no timeline for when they will see it. However, it will make them smile when they do. I once hid chocolate in a friend’s handbag – the response made me happy too.

6. Listen

People have so much to say – listen to them. Do not somehow start your own story in between and abandon theirs. It is important; they may have magnificent things to say.

Simple Little Things Two

7. Gifts

This is my favorite, and I have a wealth of gift ideas, which will be shared on Knowledge Lover. A gift must be measured by its thoughtfulness – pay great attention to the receiver’s likes, dislikes, passions, hobbies, and interests. Insist on making something yourself – if you are good at papercraft, painting, digital design, quilling, or anything else creative, you know what to do.

One of my friends in school could not find a mechanical pencil similar to mine, which disappointed him. For his birthday, I bought a similar one for him. He could not control his joy. Simple.

8. Flowers

Just a simple flower for someone on a random day or a friend you are meeting after a long time. Greet them with a beautiful flower. A flawless way to show that you care.

9. Praise

Everyone wants to be appreciated as much as you do. Praise people publicly for the right things they do. It will make them motivated and happy.

10. Help

You can help people even when they don’t ask for it. Someone spends a lot of time doing a small task, like creating a graphic design using the wrong tool or the hard way. You can guide that person to make their work easier with just a simple tip.

11. Criticize

Most people may not like it initially. However, later, they will realize you were right for criticizing them and had good intentions.

12. Chocolate Shake

The most irresistible drink on the planet. Have a nice thick cold chocolate with someone. It feels good, and it is good for your health too.

13. Write

Write to the people you care about, preferably in handwritten letters, to show that you care and cherish their existence in your life. You can combine this with the point above – “Praise” by publicly writing about their importance in a speech or a blog. Get creative.

14. Call

Many people, including myself, are uncomfortable calling someone on the phone. Though I have noticed people feel great when you call them to appreciate them or say something to make them happy. Downfall arises when you ask for help along with appreciating them.

15. Compliment

Simple little things can mean the most. Start with complimenting people – “nice shirt,” “you are looking more vibrant today,” “once more,” “I want to be like you,” “stunning artwork,” “you smell nice,” or in contemporary terms, share something created by someone on your Facebook or Twitter profile – it is equal to a compliment.

Lately I’ve been having lots of scrumptious things – sweets, cakes, chocolates and candies – they are irresistible. I hope they are reflecting in my thoughts.

It has just begun. This list will be updated regularly with more ways to make someone happy. Stay tuned.

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