Simple Little Things To Cherish In Life

Simple Little Things 4

Life is filled with simple little pleasures you never really anticipate, although they are beautiful gifts of life to take great pleasure in. Enjoying something simple could be the difference between a monotonous and extraordinary day. Here is a list of simple little things to cherish in life.

Bookmark this article as a resource you can refer to later in your journey to live a happy life. The resources below are timeless.

1. Cherish the lush greenery, walk on the grass barefoot, and notice every part of the surroundings.

2. Experiencing every last flavor of your food.

3. Being lost in your thoughts.

4. Admiring flowers for hours.

5. Flying in the night sky filled with scintillating stars and moonlight.

6. Dreaming about an ideal life while sitting in a garden.

7. Laughing for no reason.

8. Scrumptious chocolate shake. Enjoy every last drop of it.

9. Meet people and gently pinch their cheeks. – It’s just so sweet.

10. Staying up all night talking about the beautiful things in the world.

11. Blow bubbles and let them fly like free birds.

12. Admiring the rising sun.

13. A lengthy massage session.

14. Comfortable and cozy bed.

15. A book that lets you imagine a new world.

16. Reading your old journal or thought book.

17. Cherishing the sweater weather.

18. Discovering fabulous music that no other friend knows about.

19. Being called by a delightful nickname.

20. Take random pictures of the things you like.

21. Celebrating small victories.

22. Receiving a hand-written letter and reading it several times.

23. Wearing your favorite colors and patterns.

24. Meeting inspirational people.

25. Being an “autodidact” – learn new things by yourself.

26. Meeting a loved one for the last time – before the last stages of life.

27. Reuniting with your lost childhood friend.

Stay tuned. This list will be constantly updated with more simple things.

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