Sometimes I Feel – A Poem About Seeking Forgiveness

Holding Hands in Field
Love is an emotion that can be difficult to deal with, even at the best of times. Sometimes things go wrong, and apologizing to your better half can be daunting because many emotions are at stake. This poem is to the one I love, seeking forgiveness because I hurt my better half to the point where the pain was too great to withstand.

Sometimes I feel I hovered around you all the time,
Sometimes I feel I bothered you all the time,
Sometimes I feel I miss you all the time,
Sometimes I feel I’ve your illusion,
Sometimes I feel I heard your sweet voice,
Sometimes I feel I went passed you,
Sometimes I feel I’m short of something,
Sometimes I feel I’m lost without you,
Sometimes I feel I hurt you,
Sometimes you tried to converse with me,
Sometimes I just messed up the things,
Sometimes and always I wail,
Sometimes I just glare at the bench we sat & giggled,
Sometimes I search for that cuppa hot tea we sipped along,
Sometimes I try to feel relaxed but can’t,
Sometimes I go through that street where we first met,
Sometimes I feel yes I did something worth dying for,
Sometimes I scream I love you,
Sometimes I just turn the empty pages of my diary,
Sometimes I want it to rain,
Sometimes I look out for you despite your absence,
Sometimes I just feel nothing,
Sometimes I want to say forgive me,
Will you, please?


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