Noor of the Noorest: A Portrait in Verses

Girl and a Witch – Beatrice Offor (1864–1920)

Noor, a name that evokes images of light, radiance, and beauty. This poem is about a soul that reminds that we all have the potential to shine brightly, to illuminate the world around us with our love and kindness.

In a world where hearts do soar and sing,
Gentle spirit with a radiant wing,
With innocence like a dove’s gleam,
A vision of beauty, a lovely dream.

Eyes that mirror the crystalline soul,
Smile that brightens the dark sky,
Kindness that flows like a gentle stream,
A precious gem in life’s grand scheme.

Presence that flee worries,
Graceful note in life’s melody,
Charm, a spell on all who meet,
A symphony of grace, oh, how sweet.

Laughter, like a bubbling brook,
Innocence, the pages of a children’s book,
Cute as a kitten, and yet so wise,
A twinkle in a thousand eyes.

A delicate rose in a lush garden,
With petals soft as the tender air,
Embodiment of all that’s fair,
A beacon of beauty in the darkest lair.

Precious, a heart so pure,
Essence, my heart, will endure,
A tapestry woven with love’s own thread,
Noor, you’re a treasure, more than words can allure.

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