A Letter To My Dearest Lady

Gustav Klimt The Kiss Valentines
Gustav Klimt – The Kiss, 1908

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to start planning a breathtaking experience for your loved one. Now, a dozen roses or a box of chocolates may be appreciated for a while, but if you want your sweetheart to swoon, gift a bouquet of beautiful words – wholeheartedly express yourself. Start pondering for the loveliest words for your special one. Here are mine to get you inspired.

My dearest Lady,

All my life, I have been curious.
Curious to know – will I ever find you?
Dear Lord, will I ever find my treasure?

We are two stars in a universe full of stardust.
You are my better half, the brighter star.

You were the wish I wished for to every shooting star.
Though you were the star, I admired the most.

My journey ended the moment I lay my restless eyes in your scintillating eyes – full of charm, wonder and liveliness.
That was the moment when all my missing pieces – unite.

I have been afraid. Afraid to express.
But now I have lost fear.
I am wildly happy and blessed.
Filled with a raging flame of magic and affection inside me.
I am capable now. Capable of expressing myself.
I am expressing myself.
My thoughts have freedom. They are free to go anywhere, but why do they head only in your direction?
Why, my lady, why?

My mind is a place – a garden full of complexities.

I rush like a shooting star. I always have something new to discover, something new to admire, and something new to create.
I want you to be a part of this rush; I will hold your hand and take you to a new limitlessness. Every moment has been a celebration since you came along.

You are a lady of artistic desires, tender heart, charm, vibrancy, loveliness, enticement, melancholy, and liberation of the mind.
I am a man of surprise, enigma, dignity, responsibility, eccentricities, imagination and courage.
Even between all these intricacies, our emotions and passions collide.

We are endless.

All my life, I strived for perfection, success, and wealth.
Oblivious to the reality that you were my real perfection, my treasure, my everything.
My heart stopped.
Your love ravishes me so deep.
It’s an energy I cannot resist.

Now – is the greatest moment.
Here we are tonight, under the shower of velvet stars and moonlight.
Our hands unite.
So are our hearts.
You are holding my universe together.
You are the one I will hold forever.

May we reach the stars – together.

Love Always,

Gaurav Dhiman Signature
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