Next Generation Ways of Recruitment – You Must Know

Recruitment Process 2014

As we know today, recruitment may not be the same. We can predict a lot of things, but development in the field of computing and technology is impossible. The only thing that can be said with assurance is that things will not be the same. We saw the demise of the Floppy Disk and Cathode Ray-powered monitors. We have seen it before and will see it again. The same progress in computing and technology will trickle down to HR processes like recruitment. The change is going to be for the greater good. Let us see how it might all go.

The astonishingly increased presence of social media platforms is going to be crucial for HR processes. And HR technology will no doubt capitalise on these opportunities. These platforms will help the recruiters to specifically target select group of prospective applicants very effectively. And the organisations will be able to do it at a very small cost.

We could see many more organizations flooding the video streaming websites and using them to promote themselves. This would help the company increase awareness about its company at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional modes of promotion.

Video Resumes may become the norm soon and we might just do away with the one in text format once and for all. Organisations may adopt this method to get a far better understanding of the candidate. This is the closest they can get to a Face – to – Face interview.

Recruitment Processes soon will incorporate social behavior as their selection and appraisal criteria and will stress an individual’s behavior outside the company. This will help the company know the “Real” side of the individual and help the recruiters and organizations make wise and well-informed decisions.

In conclusion, I would like to stress that despite all these developments that we might see, the People will still be of prime importance. All the advancements will only help complete the task more efficiently and economically. But in the end, it just comes down to us, the People.

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