In today’s life, Human is the only asset which creates billions in revenues for an organization. Organizations are becoming more dynamic in this fast-changing world. Every human has some talent more or less, but it has to pull out work in a better way. There are issues arising, i.e. employee retention in an organization. Every organization follows some procedures on which a candidate is selected.

Basics: Recruitment Vs Selection

Recruitment is a process of creating a pool of prospective candidates and stimulating them to apply for the job in an organization. Recruitment is a positive process because it’s a process of bringing fresh talent.

On the other hand, Selection is a process of selecting the best candidate out of the pool of prospective candidates. Selection is a negative process because it’s a process of choosing the best candidate. After Selecting the candidate, training and development program are given to enhance their skill and knowledge.

In this whole procedure, a lot of cost time has to be incurred by the organization. People leave their organization for higher pay packages offer by another company. They even don’t think that association with an organization is more important than money. Yet money is an important aspect but social attachment with a brand or a company is very crucial for a human. So people need to understand that they are contributors to their organizational productivity.

Earlier organizations were giving more importance to the candidates who scored 80-90 marks in their academics. The trend has now been changing organization are also looking for candidates who score 60-70 marks. It is only a matter of talent that a human possessed. As we see in Delhi University Colleges, Companies are more focusing on hiring average students because it is easier to retain and getting work done through these average students than the topper.

Today technology plays a vital role in Human Resource Development (HRD). Through the help of the internet both: job openers and job seekers can access it easily. Now organizations are looking for those candidates who have KSA attributes – Knowledge, Skills, and Aptitude. They also want candidates to be more dynamic in the Business Environment.

Another aspect is qualities in employees. Employee Retention is very much important because it costs 5-10 times to recruit a new employee than to retain a current employee. Both the employee and organization need to understand that they are equally important to each other. The work environment may be an important aspect in retaining an employee in the organization. If the work environment is healthier, then it encourages an employee to work even in average packages.

Human Resources is considered to be the backbone of any organization. When the Tata Nano plant was set up in Gujarat, it also created employment opportunities for many other people. In this way, Balanced Regional Development and effective utilization of Human resources take place.

In my opinion employees need to understand their strengths which helps them in shaping their future. And in the organizations, some Employees Engagement Programme are conducted on a specific day like – fun loving games which gives happiness and joy to the employees because in busy schedule, employees need a slight change. This will help an employee to sustain in an organization and will contribute in an effective and efficient way.

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